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Feeling at home in your house
Sagitta Peters: Interieuradvies, styling en interieurontwerp

It is my mission to make your house a true home. Therefore Studio Sagitta offers interior advice (interior design and styling) with personality, warmth and attention and fitting within your budget.

Do you miss feeling at home in your own house? Longing for some style update but not knowing how to realize it? Or do you need advice in getting your house ready for sale, in buying a new kitchen or decorating the bedrooms? I am happy to help through one of the packages or through tailored interior advice. Below you find some more information, but you can also contact me directly.

Why choosing Studio Sagitta


For who you are and for your living habits


Also without major work, often a lot can be achieved


Your personality will be reflected in the interior


Combining old with new, favourites, design and more


A true home, to relax and to entertain


Advice and solutions for every budget

Interior advice (Basic, Plus or Tailored)

Snelle make-over woonkamer -Detail sfeerbeeld styling iittala servies op een betonlook tafeltje - interieuradvies in Limburg
Interior advice Basic

€ 225,- incl. VAT for a living room

Before I visit you, you will receive an email with some questions about your wishes, taste and the functionality of the room. During my visit, we will discuss all your interior questions and problems. These could be topics like making a good and functional floorplan, picking a colour scheme, or deciding on the style of the room.

I will make sure that you receive concrete answers: Colour numbers for paint, suggestions for materials to be used as well as for new furniture and window coverings, and a 2D sketch for the lay-out for the room.

Other questions might be: Where to hang your paintings or family pictures, what to do with all the kids toys lying around, or what to do with accesories?

Interior advice Plus

€ 565,- incl. VAT for a living room

Also here, before I visit you, I will ask via email about your wishes, taste and purpose of the room, as well as for some pictures.

The advice consists of three parts:

First visit – further acquaintance: we further elaborate about your wishes, style and budget. You already get to see suggestions for colour schemes, materials, layout, furniture and window coverings.

Second visit: presentation of the advice including a moodboard, 2D sketch plan, colour and materials scheme, suggestions for new furniture and accessories.
I will incorporate your feedback in a final plan, which you will receive within two weeks after my visit:

  • Moodboard
  • 2D sketch plan, including lighting (and acoustics when needed)
  • Materials plan
  • Detailed colour plan
  • Purchase list
  • List with work to be done (painting or carpentry for example)

With this plan, you can take care of the execution.

Third visit – wrap-up and styling: styling of the room and looking into some final questions.

Interieuradvies, interieurontwerp, interior advice. Vitra stoel
Interieuradvies, interieurontwerp, interior advice. Herfst bessen takken in een vaas - herfstsfeer
Tailored advice

Cost estimate on request

If your needs do not fit any of these two packages, I am happy to help you through a tailored advice. After a first meeting I will prepare a cost estimate.

It is also possible to add Tailored advice (like personal shopping) to the Plus Interior advice.

Studio Sagitta is based in Eindhoven and operates in the southern and central part of the Netherlands. From 10 km single journey onwards, travel costs will be charged.

Customer reviews

We thought about selling our house and moving to a larger one, as our living room felt small and very rigid. Sagitta advised us to bring more ‘air’ in our living room. Based on her design we made some changes and we are very happy with the result. The living room has transformed in a wonderful and multi-purpose space. Thanks to Sagitta no moving for us!
Heidi and Jeroen

Sagitta came with refreshing ideas about the layout and furniture of our kitchen and living room. She has a great sense of space, colour and materials. Our living room and open kitchen have gotten a more cosy atmosphere and it feels a lot more like a real home.
Ingrid and Marcel